Once upon a time a long time ago (25 years) I had started a brick and motar wedding floral shop.  And in that shop I made a special kind of bow, that pleased my customers.  After about 10 years the internet became known across the land.  I fell in love with the idea of ideas!  All I knew was that I needed and wanted an online mail order business.  And one of my best sellers was right before my eyes our "Signature Bow".  It was then our journey began.  Slow but sure orders came in .  Oh we had all kinds of other products online at the time. But the "Signature Bow" still remained the top seller.  It was not long we realized that we needed to simplify to fill the orders and we took a big step to do that. And decided to offer just this one bow and be the best at it.  So for all elegant and fun occasions across the world we created this site and still offer just this one bow.  We have not looked back.  Still today the design is basically the same and has served our customers well.